Required Inspection/Testing Frequencies:
Wet Sprinkler Systems: Quarterly Inspections, Annual and     
5-year Test
Preaction, Drypipe, and Deluge Sprinkler Systems: Quarterly
Inspections, Annual & 3-year Tests
Standpipe Systems: Semi-annual Inspections, 5-year Test
Fire Pumps: Weekly or Monthly & Annual Tests
Private Hydrants: Annual & 5-year Tests
Backflow Preventers: Testing available in some areas - Call
What We Do
We provide the periodic inspections and testing of water-based fire sprinkler and standpipe
systems in accordance with the frequencies prescribed by the California Code of
Regulations and the State Fire Marshal.  We also flow test fire pumps, private hydrant
systems, and service-test hoses as required or requested.

Our inspection programs assure system reliability and are very cost effective, comparing
favorably to the actual cost of in-house inspection programs.  Detailed written reports, as
required by the CSFM, are provided to the customer and are also maintained by LPM for at
least 5 years.

Our testing programs meet all local, state, and national requirements as well as insurance
industry standards.  Again, the written reports provided to the customer are also retained by
LPM for at least 5 years.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free written estimate for the required
inspection, testing, and maintenance. See our Contact Us page for a link to our estimator.
SFM Lic #A0003
C-16 Lic #668524
Lund Pearson McLaughlin Fire Protection Systems